School of Kingdom Ministry

Church Alive is so excited to launch the new season of SOKM classes. This is a life changing opportunity that has helped over 50 families locally.
There will be 2 options provided depending on the interest levels.
1: A 1 year commitment from August until May with a cost of $275.
2: 3 sessions broken up into 10 week modules with a cost of around $100/session.
If interested, please send an email to or call (765) 471- 2883

What is School of Kingdom Ministry?

Teaching is done in  the first hour of each class by working through our curriculum, which includes topics like Kingdom Theology, Holy Spirit, Identity, Healing, Relationships, and more!

The activation part of the class brings hands-on activities that clarify what spiritual gifts are, how to use them, and teach ministry as a practical skill that can be learned and improved upon with practice.

Practice will grow and implant the lessons and skills learned in class so that students will graduate with a solid foundation of experience in Holy Spirit Ministry.


Is there weekly homework for the students?
There is no weekly homework for students. We do require students to complete a reading assignment from the manual prior to each new unit. Teaching units vary in length and are between 2 to 6 weeks long.

Is there a fee?
Student fees are $275/ person or $225/ family.
Students typically split their tuition into 2 payments, one for each semester. Contact Church Alive for specifics.

How long is the school year?
Sign up is generally held in late summer. Classes start around the 3rd week of August. Courses run for 27 weeks (9 months) generally closing up around the end of May. We take breaks for the holidays.

What's the curriculum?
There is a SOKM Manual that is followed. The class also has videos that is taught by the main Teaching Team and is updated every year.

Class is a commitment of time, but your relationship with God will grow.
Chuck Peterson